The Covid 19 pandemic has made 2020 a year of numbers as we track the number of new infections, hospitalisations, deaths, recoveries.

As such, it seems apt that our third and final Briefing of 2020 is also filled with numbers – quick facts and stats on guns and violence in South Africa.

To reduce gun violence, we need to reduce the easy availability of guns. As the statistics in Briefing 3 show, between 2000 and 2010 gun-related murders halved in South Africa, which research has linked to a range of gun control interventions during this time. However, in 2010/11, SA’s murder, attempted murder and aggravated robbery rates began increasing. At the same time evidence of the Firearms Control Act not being properly implemented began mounting.

As the number of guns began increasing so did incidents of gun violence.

Currently 23 people are shot and killed every day in South Africa. Currently 138 people survive a gunshot, often with severe disabilities, every day in South Africa.

Imagine if this were halved?

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