The safety of all who live in South Africa will continue to be at risk of gun violence because neither the police nor gun owners have acted expediently on the national firearms amnesty, which ends on 31 January. The police have done very little to publicise and encourage the public to take advantage of the 6-month amnesty, which started on 1 August 2020. At the same time, thousands of gun owners have failed to show that they are responsible, with just 5% of the 450,000+ firearms for which licences have expired and which are now illegally held having been handed in to the police, either for destruction or while applying for a new licence. The Supreme Court of Appeal has warned that “there is a real risk that some or many of these firearms, which are now illegally in the possession of their owners, may be stolen or lost and end up in the hands of criminals who may injure or kill others.”

STATEMENT: National Firearms Amnesty ends 31 January- Police and gun owners failure to act risks safety of SA

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