Women in South Africa are more likely to be killed by their husband or boyfriend than by a stranger, with legal firearms in the home posing a specific risk.

Fact: Every 8 hours a woman is killed by an intimate partner in SA
Fact: A woman is more likely to be murdered by her husband or boyfriend than by a stranger
Fact: A legal gun is used in 75% of cases in which a woman is shot and killed and her partner commits suicide
Fact: In 60% of cases this shooting occurs in the home

The #GunFreeValentines campaign from 14 February until International Women’s Day on 8 March is a call to action.

Under the Firearms Control Act and Domestic Violence Act a woman who lives in fear of a gun or other dangerous weapon in her home can ask the police or the courts to remove the weapon immediately.

Know the law, use the law, save a life
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#GunFreeValentines is being run in partnership with IANSA


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