Gun Free South Africa

Activism and Empowerment

Working with Communities

GFSA works with community members in Gauteng and the Western Cape to reduce gun violence and help build safer communities.

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Gun Free Zones

Gun Free Zone are one of the most effective and powerful ways to build safer communities. Find out how you can make your space a Gun Free Zone, free from the fear of gun violence

Public education

We help raise awareness of the risks of guns and how you can use the law to save a life from gun violence.

Strong gun law

We help raise the voices of the unarmed majority.

PROPOSAL: World’s first Bulletproof Park in Mitchells Plain

GFSA has put forward a proposal to develop the world’s first ‘Bulletproof Park’ in Mitchells Plain, a community heavily impacted by gang violence.

Crafted by architects, community stakeholders and safety experts, the planned park will be entirely enveloped in bulletproof glass, with secure entrances and panic buttons, delivering the delights of a typical playground with slides and monkey bars while ensuring the safety of children from stray bullets.

For more information, including plans see our Bulletproof Park:

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Safety Toolkit

A guide to creating safer communities.

Designed for young South Africans, our Safety Toolkit offers a set of modules about guns in South Africa and offers ways in which community members can help prevent and reduce gun violence.

View the GFSA Safety Toolkit


Audio Storytelling

Fact sheets and guides developed with the Children’s Radio Foundation.


Schools Resources

Guides and resources for educators from our Firearm Free Zone schools project.


Aim for Change

Workshop for youth to reflect on issues such as gun violence, masculine identities and peer pressure.