Gun Free South Africa

Activism and Empowerment

Working with Youth

GFSA works with youth activists in Gauteng and the Western Cape to reduce gun violence and help build safer communities.

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Using radio to fight crime

A partnership with the Children’s Radio Foundation saw teenagers from Alexandra crowd into a radio studio every week to play hip-hop and discuss local gun crime on community radio. Their work has been documented by The Guardian.

Using sport to silence the guns

In 2018 and 2019, Gun Free South Africa and the Bigger Than Life team hosted a sports day for the youth of Alex.

Imagining a future without guns

The idea behind shooting for the stars was to visit primary schools and photograph children using props to “shoot for the stars” and visualise a future without gun violence.

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Safety Toolkit

A guide to creating safer communities.

Designed for young South Africans, our Safety Toolkit offers a set of modules about guns in South Africa and offers ways in which community members can help prevent and reduce gun violence.

View the GFSA Safety Toolkit


Audio Storytelling

Fact sheets and guides developed with the Children’s Radio Foundation.


Schools Resources

Guides and resources for educators from our Firearm Free Zone schools project.


Aim for Change

Workshop for youth to reflect on issues such as gun violence, masculine identities and peer pressure.