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Saturday, 26 April 2014 13:30

Proof – South Africa’s Firearms Control Act has saved thousands of lives

Evidence that SA’s Firearms Control Act (2000) has saved thousands of lives has been presented at the University of Oxford. The research, which was published in the March 2014 edition of the reputable American Journal of Public Health, was presented at the South African Democracy Conference at the University of Oxford by specialist scientist, Dr Richard Matzopoulos, who showed that 4,585 lives were saved across five SA cities from 2001 to 2005 because of the Firearms Control Act.

Monday, 10 March 2014 13:31

Two Part Media Q and A for Oscar Pistorius murder trial

PART 1: What Reeva and Oscar’s story says about gun violence in SA Part 1:

  1. What does Reeva and Oscar’s story tell us about gun violence in South Africa?
  2. Is the story of Oscar and Reeva unique?
  3. Who owns what guns in South Africa?
  4. Who gets shot and killed in South Africa?
  5. Men, women and gun violence
  6. Can we prevent gun violence?
  7. Can the law prevent gun violence?
  8. Are guns effective in self defence?

PART 2: Understanding the gun-related charges against Oscar Part 2:

  1. Who is allowed to own a gun in SA? (Gun for self defence and unfit to own a gun)
  2. List of charges Oscar faces relating to contravening Firearms Control Act (Detailed information relating to contraventions and what the Firearms Control Act says in relation to contraventions)
Sunday, 16 February 2014 13:36

Guns are 85% more lethal than other suicide means. Be responsible: Hand in your gun during Teen Suicide Prevention Week

Guns are 85% more lethal than any other means used to commit suicide. Gun Free South Africa urges gun owners to be responsible during Teen Suicide Prevention Week (16-22 February 2014) and hand in their guns to the police for destruction. Says Gun Free South Africa’s spokesperson, Adèle Kirsten, “There are different ways to help prevent suicides, but one step is clear; reducing a suicidal person’s access to a lethal weapon helps save lives.”

Friday, 14 February 2014 13:37

What does Reeva Steenkamp’s death tell us about gun violence in SA? Know the Law. Use the Law. Save a Life

A year ago today Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed by Oscar Pistorius. Apart from being celebrities, Reeva and Oscar’s story is not unique: A man legally buys a gun to protect himself and those he loves from a stranger intruder; instead he uses his licensed gun to kill the person he loves. In 1999, 34% of women murdered by their intimate partner were killed with a gun; in 2009 this figure dropped to 17%. At the same time, the percentage of women killed in other ways (e.g. strangled, stabbed or beaten) remained the same. The researchers at the Medical Research Council assert that the single most important intervention that contributed to halving the number of women shot and killed by their intimate partner was the implementation of the Firearms Control Act (2000).

Friday, 20 September 2013 13:38

Children cannot be gun-proofed

September 16-22 is the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence; which makes Wednesday’s shooting, in which a 13-year-old accidentally shot his friend with his father’s gun and then shot himself, even more tragic. The gun, which by law should have been stored unloaded in a safe, was left under a mattress. In a similar incident last month, a 6-year old shot and killed her best friend with her grandfather’s gun – which was also not safely locked away.

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