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Friday, 31 July 2020 12:47

STATEMENT: 2019-20 crime stats - Guns leading cause murder, reducing gun availability key to curing violent crime epidemic

The latest national crime statistics show that murder rates have again increased with almost half of all murders for which the weapon is known being from gunshots: 45% of murders were firearm-related, followed by knife wounds at 28%. This is scandalous. Guns, unlike knives, are controlled by laws, regulations and protocols. But poor implementation as a result of weak enforcement and lack of compliance has facilitated the increasing availability of guns. And, as research globally and nationally has proven time and again, gun availability tracks gun violence.”


Friday, 24 July 2020 19:33

STATEMENT: SCA upholds international principle of regular gun licence renewals

Supreme Court of Appeal: Gun Free SA welcomes the hard hitting judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal that overturns an urgent interim interdict issued by Judge Bill Prinsloo in the Pretoria High Court in July 2018, which stopped the SAPS from enforcing various provisions of the Firearms Control Act (FCA). The interdict was a serious blow to gun control in South Africa because it disabled the scheme of renewal and termination of firearm licences, by prohibiting the SAPS from demanding or accepting the surrender of firearms by licence-holders, whose licences had expired because they had failed to renew their licence within the prescribed timeframe. The judgment upholds the validity of firearms licence renewal as a cornerstone of the FCA, affirming that the Act prohibits the possession of a firearm unless the holder has a licence, permit or authorisation to do so, thereby criminalising the unlawful possession of a firearm. Under section 24 and section 28 of the FCA, all gun owners are required to renew their firearm licences on a regular basis.

Wednesday, 08 July 2020 15:37

STATEMENT: Welcome destruction of 30,000 illegal guns on eve of global gun destruction day

Gun Free SA welcomes the destruction of over 30,000 illegal firearms by the police on the eve of International Small Arms Destruction Day. Every day we hear about the destruction caused by firearms. SAPS’ destruction of 30,000+ illegal firearms means these guns can no longer cause harm. The destruction of 30,913 handguns, 1,452 rifles, 894 shotguns and 725 firearm parts comes on the eve of International Small Arms Destruction day, which is marked globally every year on 9th July.

Monday, 22 June 2020 11:44

Gun Free SA Board member's book on masculinity published

Malose Lange, one of Gun Free SA's Board members, has just published a book on masculinity. MaloseLanga BecomingMenBook

Becoming Men follows a group of young black South African boys over a period of 11 years, exploring the paths they have taken to become young men.

Malose reflects on Becoming Men in The Conversation: Decade-long study shows why South Africa needs to stop stereotyping young black men.

"Being a different boy is “hard work”, so it is important that young adolescent boys are assisted in negotiating these challenges of boyhood and also the transition into healthy manhood."

Becoming Men is available online and at bookstores.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 14:12

Welcome arrest of 16 people for gun licence fraud, corruption

While Gun Free SA commends SAPS for arresting 16 people (including police officials and gun dealers) for firearm licence-related fraud and corruption, these arrests are long overdue. Gun Free SA reiterates our call for concrete action, including a forensic audit of all firearm licences and authorisations issued since November 2010 (when we first became aware of corruption in SA’s firearm control management system) and urges that these arrests are analysed to review SA's firearms control management system, and close loopholes in both policy and implementation.

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