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404, 2024

PROPOSAL: World’s first Bulletproof Park in Mitchells Plain

4 April 2024|Media Releases, Youth Page|

GFSA has put forward a proposal to develop the world’s first ‘Bulletproof Park’ in Mitchells Plain, a community heavily impacted by gang violence.

Crafted by architects, community stakeholders and safety experts, the planned park will be entirely enveloped in bulletproof glass, with secure entrances and panic buttons, delivering the delights of a typical playground with slides and monkey bars while ensuring […]

1711, 2023

STATEMENT: Response Q2 crime stats – The weapon matters: Guns leading cause of murder in SA

17 November 2023|Media Releases|

The latest quarterly crime stats show that gun violence has again increased, with 34 people shot dead every day between 1 July and 30 September, up from an average of 31 people shot and killed a day in previous quarters. While SA’s violence bloodbath is fed largely by men arguing with and then killing other men, this is most often […]

2310, 2023

BRIEFING 2 of 2023: Functional Central Firearms Registry key to dealing with illegal guns in SA

23 October 2023|Gun Policy Briefs|

South Africa’s Central Firearms Registry (CFR) has the potential to be a powerful crime-fighting tool: If effectively managed – in line with SA’s legal and political obligations – it would help stop legal guns leaking into criminal hands.

However, SAPS sees the CFR as an administrative function, and has repeatedly squandered opportunities to address historic, systemic and persistent dysfunction.

Should the CFR […]

1107, 2023

STATEMENT Underperformance and corruption at Central Firearms Registry fuels gun violence epidemic in SA

11 July 2023|Media Releases|

Cape Town, 11 July 2023: Against the backdrop of a protracted policing crisis around effectiveness and leadership, allegations of underperformance and corruption have for years dogged the Central Firearms Registry (CFR), the police unit responsible for firearms management, including firearm-related recordkeeping.  Globally accurate and efficient recordkeeping, which tracks firearms from cradle to grave, is recognised as a cornerstone to effectively […]