Gun Free South Africa


3011, 2022

Public education

30 November 2022|Youth Page|

We help raise awareness of the risks of guns and how you can use the law to save a life from gun violence.

3011, 2022

Gun Free Zones

30 November 2022|Youth Page|

Gun Free Zone are one of the most effective and powerful ways to build safer communities. Find out how you can make your space a Gun Free Zone, free from the fear of gun violence

2710, 2022
  • #GunsOutOfHand

Guns are out of hand

27 October 2022|Media Releases|

Gun violence comes from many sides: murder, mischance, mistakes… but every shooting is avoidable – if there was no gun at all. With support from the Commonwealth Foundation, GFSA launched the #GunsoutofHand campaign during Global Disarmament Week 2022 (24-30 October), to tell the stories of ordinary South Africans whose lives have been instantly shattered by a gun.

“By showing […]

2710, 2022

BRIEFING 3 of 2022: Using the principle of limits to stop SA’s gun violence epidemic

27 October 2022|Gun Policy Briefs|

The latest quarterly crime statistics confirm the gun violence epidemic in South Africa: 30 people were murdered with a gun every day between 1 April and 30 June 2022, up from 23 a day in 2019/20. Briefing 3 summarises the latest statistics on gun violence in South Africa, as well as studies that offer solutions to our gun violence epidemic.