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2707, 2020
  • ANationWithoutGunsCompressed

A nation without guns? The story of Gun Free South Africa

27 July 2020|History|

ANationWithoutGunsCompressedAdèle Kirsten, Gun Free SA’s Director, tells the remarkable story of how Gun Free South Africa, a small NGO with few resources, mobilized to reduce the number of guns in circulation. Through innovative campaigning and media strategies, the book highlights the value of involving ordinary people in a process […]

2204, 2020

Constitutional Court ruling: Gun ownership is a privilege, not a right

22 April 2020|History|

GFSA acted as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in a 2018 case in which the Minister of Police appealed a High Court judgment which challenged the constitutionality of regular gun licence renewals.

Using evidence provided by GFSA, the ConCourt unanimously ruled that gun ownership is not a fundamental right under our Bill of Rights, rather it is a privilege regulated […]

1312, 2018

Supporting the 2010 National Firearms Amnesty

13 December 2018|History|

As South Africa geared itself to host the FIFA World Cup, Gun Free SA kicked off 2010 by partnering with the Secretariat for Police on the 2010 national firearms amnesty.
During the amnesty, held from 11 January to 11 April 2010, the public was given immunity from prosecution for being in illegal possession of firearms or ammunition.
Gun Free […]

1312, 2018
  • IgunIflop

Establishing islands of safety

13 December 2018|History|

The Gun Free Zone project (GFZ) project is an important tool used by Gun Free SA to create safe spaces and encourage debate about individual and community safety.
As a result of our work with communities, the Firearms Control Act (2000) makes provision for the establishment of Firearm Free Zones (FFZs). Click here for more information on how to leave […]