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2710, 2022

BRIEFING 3 of 2022: Using the principle of limits to stop SA’s gun violence epidemic

27 October 2022|

The latest quarterly crime statistics confirm the gun violence epidemic in South Africa: 30 people were murdered with a gun every day between 1 April and 30 June 2022, up from 23 a day in 2019/20. Briefing 3 summarises the latest statistics on gun violence in South Africa, as well as studies that offer solutions to our gun violence epidemic.

3003, 2022

BRIEFING 1 of 2022: Femicide in South Africa over 18 years

30 March 2022|

Femicide – the murder of women and girls – is the most extreme form of violence, and shows the extent of violence against women. SA’s third national femicide study  published by the MRC examined women murdered in 2017, and compared findings with the 1999 and 2009 studies. Briefing 1 summarises the main findings of the 2017 femicide study, focusing particularly […]

1411, 2021

BRIEFING 3 OF 2021: The illegal firearms trade in South Africa

14 November 2021|

In May 2021 the Civilian Secretariat for Police Service published a draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill. With almost 100 proposed amendments, a key focus of the Bill is to control legal firearms and ammunition more effectively. This Briefing explores whether that approach will have an impact on the illegal firearms trade in South Africa, and is based on a recently […]