Understanding trauma and what you can do to help break the cycle of violence

Download the pamphlet below to understand trauma and what you can do to break the cycle of violence. There are also organisations across the country that can help you deal with trauma, including those listed below. If you need help finding the right one, please contact GFSA.

LifeLine South Africa Counselling Line

Free, anonymous counselling over the phone 24/7, throughout the year.

Toll-free number: 0861 322 322

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)

SADAG offers a range of counselling services and an informative website with a section dealing specifically with trauma and post traumatic stress disorder.

Website: www.sadag.org

Suicide Crisis Line: 8am–8pm, toll-free number: 0800 567 567, SMS: 31393

SADAG Mental Health Line: 8am–8pm, tel: 011 262 6396

The Trauma Centre for Survivors of Violence and Torture (Cape Town)

Counselling services for those affected by domestic violence, sexual offences and crime.

Tel: 021 465 7373

The Trauma Clinic (Johannesburg)

Free counselling and debriefing service to individuals and families who have been exposed to violence in all official languages.

Tel: 011 403 5102

South African Police Service (SAPS)

The South African Police Service is the national police force of the Republic of South Africa.

Head Office: +27 (0) 12 393 1000

For emergencies or to report a crime contact your nearest Police Station or call: 10111

If you know of any criminal activities or want to report a crime anonymously, you can contact Crime Stop: 08600 10111

Stop Gender Violence Helpline (National)

An anonymous, confidential toll-free helpline for survivors, witnesses and perpetrators of gender-based violence in South Africa.

Toll-free number: 0800 150 150

People Opposed to Woman Abuse (POWA) (Johannesburg)

POWA offers shelter and counselling services to women who have been raped and/or are in abusive relationships.

Tel: 011 642 4345

Family and Marriage Association of SA (FAMSA) (National)

FAMSA supports families through stressful situations.

Tel: 011 975 7106/7

Alcoholics Anonymous SA (National)

A support group for recovering alcoholics.

Johannesburg: 011 436 0116
Cape Town: 021 592 5047

Durban: 031 301 4959

Narcotics Anonymous SA (Cape Town and Johannesburg)

A support group for recovering drug addicts.

Cape Town: 0881 30 03 27

Johannesburg: 011 485 5248