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Hand in your gun during the 2019/20 Firearms Amnesty Featured

South Africa's 2019/20 national firearms amnesty started on 1 December 2019 and ends on 31 May 2020. In this time you can hand in your unwanted, unlawful or illegal firearm for destruction.

Between 1 December 2019 and 31 May 2020 you can hand in your unwanted, unlawful or illegal firearm or ammunition at your local police station for destruction (noting that some police stations are not able to accept firearms, see details below).

What is an unwanted firearm? A firearm that is lawfully possessed but which is no longer needed; unsafe to use, or in a poor condition.
What is an unlawful firearm? A firearm for which there is documentary proof of ownership but which has not been registered e.g. an inherited firearm that has not been licensed in the heir’s name.
What is an illegal firearm? Any firearm, or firearm part(s), which is not licensed and possessed in accordance with the Firearms Control Act (2000). Includes a firearm, or firearm part(s), which is not registered to the current owner; does not have a serial number or has a defaced (removed) serial number; and is possessed by a person who does not have a licence for that firearm.


Procedure for handing in a gun
According to SAPS, unwanted, unlawful and illegal firearms, parts and ammunition can be handed in at your nearest police station between 08:00 and 17:00, including weekends.
Each police station will have a Designated Amnesty Official.
A person who surrenders a firearm, firearm part or ammunition during the 2019/20 amnesty will be required to complete and sign the necessary forms at their nearest police station.
Please insist on a copy of the SAPS 548 (Amnesty form).
No compensation will be paid to any person who surrenders a firearm during the firearm amnesty.


What will happen to surrendered firearms?
All firearms and firearm parts surrendered will be IBIS tested and the firearms/parts and ammunition will be forfeited to the state and be destroyed.


Excluded police stations
The SAPS has identified police stations that are excluded from receiving firearms during the 2019/20 amnesty.

For additional information on the 2019/20 Firearms Amnesty:

  • Go to your nearest police station
  • Visit the SAPS website:
  • Phone the Central Firearms Registry Enquiry Desk on 012-353-6111 (available 24-hours, including weekends)
  • Read the following documents from SAPS:

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