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611, 2019

Briefing 6 of 2019: Firearms amnesties – Four key factors for success

6 November 2019|Gun Policy Briefs|

Yesterday’s announcement by the Gauteng Department of Health that gunshots have overtaken motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of non natural death in the province underscores how urgently action is needed to reduce the availability of guns in South Africa.

The chance of being shot is not random. For someone to be shot, there must be a gun. When […]

2410, 2019

Briefing 5 of 2019: Gun control and violence – South Africa’s story over 25 years

24 October 2019|Gun Policy Briefs|

Yesterday’s news that parliament’s police portfolio committee has approved a firearms amnesty – the fourth in South Africa’s history – is warmly welcomed.

It’s also perfectly timed, as today marks the first day of global disarmament week (24-30 October), which has been observed annually around the world since 1978.

To commemorate disarmament week, Gun Free South Africa has published a comprehensive […]

1707, 2019

Briefing 2 of 2019: Western Cape mortuary surveillance shows gun deaths doubled in 6 years

17 July 2019|Gun Policy Briefs|

Firearms Control Briefing 2 of 2019 summarises a comprehensive report Western Cape Injury Mortality Profile: 2010-2016, which tracks the pattern of fatal injuries in the Western Cape over seven years.

The report shows that gun deaths in the province have doubled between 2010 and 2016.

Although dramatic and higher than the national average, the pattern of steadily rising gun deaths in recent […]

1707, 2019

Briefing 1 of 2019: How many guns are there in SA? The importance of stockpile management

17 July 2019|Gun Policy Briefs|

The first Firearms Control Briefing for 2019 looks at the importance of managing weapons stockpiles as a guarantor of peace, security and development.It argues that stockpile management is broader than securing state-owned weapons and ammunition stocks. Instead it incorporates managing all weapons and ammunition stocks – state and civilian – through five distinct actions:

  1. Safe storage;
  2. Scheduled audits;
  3. Regular collections;
  4. […]

611, 2018

Briefing 6 of 2018: Licence renewals – A cornerstone of gun control

6 November 2018|Gun Policy Briefs|

The sixth Briefing of 2018 coincides with a debate on proposed amendments to the law governing the renewal of firearm licences in Parliament on 6 November.

It locates firearm licence renewals within a global context in recognition that regular gun licence renewals are integral to public safety: Renewals ensure that licensed gun owners remain “fit and proper” for this responsibility and […]

2210, 2018

Briefing 5 of 2018: Are guns effective for self-defence? Examining the evidence

22 October 2018|Gun Policy Briefs|

This fifth Briefing of 2018 coincides with Disarmament Week, which is marked globally from 24 to 30 October. This year, the United Nations is highlighting the link between arms races, disarmament and the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

It shows that in the context of rising crime and mistrust in the police, some South Africans are choosing to buy guns for […]

1206, 2018

Briefing 3 of 2018: Constitutional Court unanimously rules regular gun licence renewal is constitutional – What next?

12 June 2018|Gun Policy Briefs|

On 7 June 2018 the Constitutional Court unanimously ruled that sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act (2000), under which gun owners must renew their firearm licences on a regular basis or forfeit guns for which licences have expired to the state, are constitutional.

In making its judgement, the ConCourt ruled that gun ownership is not a fundamental right […]

905, 2018

Briefing 2 of 2018: Cape Town proves strong gun laws save lives, lax enforcement kills, illegally supplied guns more dangerous in short term

9 May 2018|Gun Policy Briefs|

Over the years Gun Free SA has raised concern that poor enforcement of the Firearms Control Act (2000) has led to thousands of people being shot and killed. Published research from South Africa now proves this link, showing that strong gun laws save lives, lax enforcement kills, and that illegally channelled guns kill more people in the short term.

In sum, […]

903, 2018

Briefing 1 of 2018: Police killings – Protecting members and their families

9 March 2018|Gun Policy Briefs|

In mid March Constable Buti shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself following an argument; the couple’s 6-year old child witnessed the shootings. A week earlier Sergeant Brooks shot and killed his girlfriend, her mother and himself during a hostage incident. While parliament and police unions have reacted with shock, the tragic reality is that police […]

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