Gun Free South Africa


1312, 2018

Saving thousands of lives

13 Dec 2018|History|

In 2000, despite vocal opposition from South Africa’s gun lobby, the Firearms Control Act was passed and promulgated in 2004.

Published research attributes the steady decline in violence in SA between 2000 and 2010 to a decline in gun violence resulting from stricter gun controls associated with the Firearms Control Act (2000)
• The “strength, timing, and consistency of the decline […]

1312, 2018
  • GunControlAlliance 1MessageMustard

Raising the voice of the unarmed majority

13 Dec 2018|History|

GunControlAlliance 1MessageMustardGun Free SA began building a broad-based civil society alliance to strengthen gun control. The Gun Control Alliance (GCA), launched in 1999, grew to represent over 450 organisations, institutions and individuals representing business, health, human rights, religious, women and youth organisations.
The GCA had its origins in the […]

1312, 2018

The transition to a peaceful, democratic South Africa

13 Dec 2018|History|

Gun Free SA traces its roots back to the months before SA’s first democratic elections on 27 April 1994.
Guns had proliferated in the hands of different political factions and groups claiming they were needed for ‘self-defence’. The unarmed majority lived in fear on trains and taxis, in the streets and in their homes. There was real concern that there […]

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